The NewTrinity is the aim of Spiritual-Unity
New Music is for Spiritual-Unity
Spiritual-Unity is the true realisation of the force of Music

Creflex-Unity provides a channel

between Spiritual-Unity and the Temporal.

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Metaphysica Empirica III in Conjuction Value with Structure of Spirituality
Structural base of Spiritual-Unity
Value in Spiritual Unity and its support of Total World Value
The Structure of Spirituality frames Spiritual Unity
Extracts from the Structure of Spirituality
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Spiritual Unity sets out the practicality of Universal Spiritualism from the basis of the believer in all Religions- Omnism.

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Spiritual-Unity focuses a direction of a new realism essential to a cohesion pivotal to our time

Music provides the leadership that envelopes Spiritual Unity
In the New-Spirituality Architecture Crowns Inspiration
The Structure of Spirituality sets out to upgrade religion from beliefs to nature .
Eternality frames the nebulous Eternity
Fragments Building for the Structure of Spirituality
MetaPhysica Empirica III delves into Spirituality

Volumes in Preparation from Spiritual-Unity


The Structure of Spirituality


New Spirituality



The Temporal Ridge of Eternity

Music is the Language of Spiritual-Unity


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